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Thursday, May 30

Picks of the Week 5.30.13

 I have a nervous habit, twisting my earrings around and around like some might twirl a piece of hair. Recently it's cost me two pairs of my favorite earrings because the twisting causes the backs to loosen and fall off when I'm not paying attention. In an effort to curb having to replace my earrings I've decided that perhaps a twistable, tactile chain-link bracelet might be a more durable replacement therapy. And it just so happens that they're stylish and the perfect addition to a grouping of bracelets or worn on their own. 

SOURCES // 1 Classic Pave Link Bracelet via J.Crew / 2 Royal Egret Bracelet via Kiel James Patrick / 3 Lindsey Bracelet via Design Darling / 4 Gold-Plated Chainlink Bracelet via J.Crew Factory / 5 Champagne Half Chain Stone Bracelet via JoJo Loves You  //

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