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Wednesday, May 1

Oh For The Love Of Blue!

There seems to be a bit of theme this week with various shades of blue sneaking their way into blogposts. Bet you haven't guess what my favorite color is? Or the color make-up of nearly my entire closet? My kitchen is the next room in my house to get a mini-makeover (mini mostly because I lack the funds right now to tear out the entire thing and start from scratch) and I've been considering a shade of blue ever since eyeing the kitchen makeover last week of One Kings Lane editor Kerstin Czarra. Up until then I'd really on considered slapping on some white paint, oh how that pales in comparison to a beautiful blue.

While I love the deeper shade of blue as well, it's a bit too dark for the windowless hovel sometimes referred to as my kitchen. Maybe I could get away with painting my lower cabinet's a dark blue and keeping everything else white? One thing I know for certain: friends get ready to be badgered into painting this summer! 

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