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Friday, May 31

Farmhouse Minimalism

Odds are you've all seen the latest issue of House Beautiful and this amazing juxtaposition between a traditional farmhouse and minimalist neutrality. The homeowner wanted her 19th century farmhouse to stand out among those of her neighbors. You wont find any traditional country kitchen, fussy wallpaper or bright paint colors inside this farmhouse. Minimalist interiors in shades of beige and gray are perfectly counterbalanced by the ornate architectural features original to the 1896 home. 

I just adore the kitchen, a modern addition, inspired by the utilitarian kitchens found in the grande homes of the 19th century. Think Downton Abbey but above ground and with modern twists. Subway tile to the ceiling, I can't even talk about it! 

{Interiors by Bernt Heiberg & William Cummings // Images by Trevor Tondro for House Beautiful}


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    1. I know, It makes me want to throw away all my books, decorative objects and colorful things and start over!