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Wednesday, May 15

Delightful Design: Old Wold, New Build

It's been a whirlwind of a week for me already and today's only Wednesday. With all the chaos surrounding me my mind was ready for a little bit of neutrality and I found myself drawn to the rustic elegance of this home in British Colombia featured in June's Canadian House & Home

Scrolling through the images I was shocked to discover that this perfect example of french country charm and romance is in fact new construction and not a renovated farmhouse. With soaring ceilings and banks of windows the home resonates understated elegance and feels more cozy that grand thanks in part to the use of muted tones, linens, and just the right amount of french country glamour. 

I love the equestrian theme happening in the daughter's bedroom. Being horse obsessed myself I love that she uses her riding boots and hard hats as decorative elements, functional decoration at it's best. Though I do find it odd that she has both a girth and running martingale thrown up alongside her helmut, surely these are best kept with her saddle? 

For more images and to read the full article, Foreign Currency, check it out in June's Canadian House & Home.

{Photography by Tracey Ayton for House & Home}


  1. Love this space! You described it perfectly. Love that it feels just a little bit rustic, while still feeling very classic and well-kept. (P.S. just discovered your blog recently and loving it!)

    1. Thanks Annie! I just checked out your blog and business and love the organization ideas!