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Wednesday, April 10


As we seem to be entering a the "April Showers" portion of spring here in the Northeast, I thought it a good time to share my favorite go-to, all-weather boot. I was originally introduced to Hunters by my mother with all her love of landscaping and gardening but it was only until I spent time living in Scotland that I witnessed their true magical properties and was a convert. I can't imagine how I got through the rain, slush, muck and snow without a pair of these work boots to keep my feet and calfs dry. 

It's pouring outside and you, of course, have a busy day of meetings and errands? Hunters.  Tromping through the mud on a post-rain, spring trek? Hunters. Mucking out stalls and other general barn dirty work. Hunters (they hose off beautifully). It's snowing and they haven't plowed the snowbanks on your path to work? Hunters.

I've worn my pair to death, literally. The last time it rained I discovered that there were six different tears and holes in the soles of my beloved Aubergine Tall Boots. Naturally, I'll be replacing them post haste. My only problem, what color to choose? 

{Images via Pinterest & Hunter}

*This post is not sponsored by Hunter, I just love and believe in the integrity and quality of their product

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