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Thursday, April 11

Picks of the Week 4.11.13

This weeks picks are themed on the idea of "Have, Want, & Need." I have Gwyneth's new cookbooks and I love it; finally a cookbook for those of us with food sensitivities where the recipes are easy and palatable! I also have that floral patterned skirt, it's from Brooks Brothers though it won't break the bank, I promise. 

I've been coveting that blue & green cheetah pillow for a while now but where to put it? Rifle Paper Co. released their iPhone Cases this week and I couldn't choose just one if my life depended on it, they're all so darn adorable. Lastly, I need that three bin organizer! It would save my sanity by helping to corral memos, architectural plans, and other samples for different client projects. 

Sources // 1 iPhone Cases via Rifle Paper Co. / 2 It's All Good by GP via Amazon / 3 Conga Line Pillow via Arianna Belle / 4 Floral Skirt via Brooks Brothers / 5 Savannah Recycling Bin via Pottery Barn

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