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Monday, April 29

Delightful Design: Ellie Somerville McNevin, Take Three

I've blogged about about Ellie's previous apartments, her first and her second, both stark contrasts to one another. The first light and airy in shades of blue and yellow and the later in darker shades of green. Her third, lately featured in Rue Magazine, is a blending of both airy tones and darker accents. For Ellie, the New York features editor for Luxe Interiors, design is constantly evolving as she sees new trends and new colors come across her desk daily. The mix of high and low used throughout the apartment is masterful, you'd never know that Ellie and her husband moved in with only a room full of furniture!

For more images and to read about Ellie's style evolution check out the full article in April's Rue Magazine

{Images by Emily Anderson for Rue Magazine}

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