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Tuesday, April 30

Embroidered Blues

Like the majority of little girls, I'm sure, when I was young I had a dress up box filled with old cast-offs from my mother and grandmother. One of my favorite dresses was this outlandish, mu-mu like blue dress embroidered allover with flowers and animals, similar to the mexican otomi patterns. This and a Hawaiian number were things brought back from my grandmother's travels. With this in mind, when I saw this first image on Pinterest the other day it will come as no surprise that I was immediately drawn to it. I'd love to find an amazing embroidered dress or tunic top to wear around this summer. 

Sources // 1 Bond Embroidery Dress via Les Nouvelles / 2 Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses via Les Nouvelles / 3 The Essex Messenger via Madewell / 4 Braided Belt via Target / 5 Maribeth Espadrilles via J.Crew 

{Images via 1 / 2

Monday, April 29

Delightful Design: Ellie Somerville McNevin, Take Three

I've blogged about about Ellie's previous apartments, her first and her second, both stark contrasts to one another. The first light and airy in shades of blue and yellow and the later in darker shades of green. Her third, lately featured in Rue Magazine, is a blending of both airy tones and darker accents. For Ellie, the New York features editor for Luxe Interiors, design is constantly evolving as she sees new trends and new colors come across her desk daily. The mix of high and low used throughout the apartment is masterful, you'd never know that Ellie and her husband moved in with only a room full of furniture!

For more images and to read about Ellie's style evolution check out the full article in April's Rue Magazine

{Images by Emily Anderson for Rue Magazine}

Friday, April 26

Design Your Life

Recently I was asked to participate in the Design Your Life series on Jess Lively's blog, currently curated by Jen of Lemon Drop Love. Today I'm excited to share it with you all! Jen did an amazing job with the layout and her lovely introduction left me smiling. Head on over to read about how I'm designing my life with intention

Much love and thanks to Jen and Jess

Thank you ladies, I feel so very blessed for the opportunity to share my story

{Image by Sophie Smith}

Wednesday, April 24

Petite Floral Arrangements

I'm a big fan of little flower arrangements. While I love a large occasion bouquet as much as any lady, I often find myself moving it around with me throughout the day. This way I can get maximum enjoyment while before the flowers pass their prime. This is why I typically split up a bouquet or flowers I buy myself to make mini arrangements I can place throughout my apartment. That way there is always something lovely in my sights as I work, cook, watch television or prepare for bedtime. I also tend to hoard little vessels, candle holders, etc so it's a great way to actually use them and free up some high demand cupboard space. 

{Images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 }

Tuesday, April 23

Sailor Stripes

Can you own too many striped articles of clothing? Is it necessary for friends to stage interventions when you discover that about half your wardrobe features a striped pattern? I certainly hope not, because, much like my obsession with monograms, I have a love of all things striped. It doesn't matter the season though I do love a good striped dress or shirt especially in the late spring and summer months. 

I own the dress below and may wear it just about every time the temperatures here rise above sixty degrees. I've worn is casually and also dressed it up for an evening out. Got to love those versatile stripes. 

Sources // 1 Striped T-Shirt Dress via Banana Republic / 2 Panama Hat via J.Crew / 3 Long Druzy Pendant via Margaret Elizabeth / 4 Pilar Sandals via J.Crew //

{Images via 1 / 23 }

Monday, April 22

It's A Boy!

My nephew arrived very early this morning and I can't wait to meet the little peanut! My sister-in-law and I were talking about how she plans to update her daughter's nursery for a little boy. It's going to be tough to see all the cute peach, aqua and citrine go but baby brother need's his own digs. The one thing she knows for certain is that she's not painting the wall any shade of blue as the majority of her house is very blue and nautical, just the way my brother likes it. I did a little searching around for some cute non-blue baby boy nurseries, these are my two favorites at the moment. A charming Giraffe themed, neutral nursery designed by the talented team at Sissy + Marley and a cozy grey, yellow and red nursery featured on Elements of Style, submitted by an inspired reader living in Beacon Hill. 

{Giraffe Nursery via Sissy + Marley // Beacon Hill Nursery via Elements of Style

Thursday, April 18

Picks of the Week 4.18.13

After months of keeping our feet bundled in boots and otherwise dull flats and pumps, the spring months finally bring an end to this footwear boredom. Colors and patterns begin making their way into our clothing but why shouldn't we put a spring-in-our-step as well? While it's still a little cold for full on sandals, I've put together a group of colorful flats and loafers. My favorite for walking around Boston's infamous brick sidewalks? The Top-Sider, now available in an array of pastels and metallics. 

Sources // 1 Mila Novelty Ballet via J.Crew / 2 Top-Sider in Neon Rose via Sperry / 3 Worth II via Jack Rogers / 4 Classic Leather Ballet via  J.Crew / 5 Terry via Kate Spade / 6 Darby Printed Loafers via J.Crew

Wednesday, April 17

A Romantic Homestead

I have to admit, it's hard to get back into the swing of blogging. My heart and thoughts aren't very focused on design and fashion right now. As a city, we're back out there walking around, going to work and trying to move forwards but obviously it will be a long time before any of us return to any sense of true "normalcy." That being said, how about we take a trip down-under to a relaxing and idyllic country home in the Tasmania. I just love this style of architecture with its romantic victorian elements recreated using aluminum and wood planks. 

{Images by Sharyn Cairns via Country Style}

Tuesday, April 16

"Heartbreak Hill"

Yesterday morning started off a beautiful sunny day. Perfect weather for the 2013 Boston Marathon. But by mid-afternoon the world turned upside-down for runners, spectators, and families with the twin explosions just a few feet from the finish line. What was supposed to be a beautiful, inspirational day turned into chaos and disaster in mere seconds. What are usually victorious shouts of family and friends turned into shouts of panic, fear and pain. Dear God, what is wrong with the world? 

Please keep my city, the injured, the dead, the families, and the spectators affected in your thoughts and prayers.

Need a little comfort, try:

Mister Rogers on looking to the "helpers" for comfort
13 Examples of acts of kindness and heroism

Monday, April 15

Floral Skirts for Spring

I've been distracted lately as I walk around the city by the flowering trees, tiny crocuses and daffodils that are starting to bloom. Spring seems to finally be here, and not a moment too soon. I've been equally distracted by the prevalence of floral skirts in shops this spring. How flirty and fun! I'm especially loving the mix of pattern happening when they are paired with a striped tee. This is one fashion trend I'm going to be trying out ASAP, how about you? 

{Images via Pinterest}

{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 }

Friday, April 12

Gallery Wall Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday. Am I the only one who feels that this week was abnormally long? This morning I thought I'd reprise the good old gallery wall. I just love a well executed gallery wall, whether it's a collection of images with similar color or theme or an entirely random collection of the pieces of art you hold most dear. 

I'm off to meet up with a friend at the MFA for lunch and to admire some professional gallery walls. Hope your workday passes quickly and you have great plans for the weekend ahead!

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, April 11

Picks of the Week 4.11.13

This weeks picks are themed on the idea of "Have, Want, & Need." I have Gwyneth's new cookbooks and I love it; finally a cookbook for those of us with food sensitivities where the recipes are easy and palatable! I also have that floral patterned skirt, it's from Brooks Brothers though it won't break the bank, I promise. 

I've been coveting that blue & green cheetah pillow for a while now but where to put it? Rifle Paper Co. released their iPhone Cases this week and I couldn't choose just one if my life depended on it, they're all so darn adorable. Lastly, I need that three bin organizer! It would save my sanity by helping to corral memos, architectural plans, and other samples for different client projects. 

Sources // 1 iPhone Cases via Rifle Paper Co. / 2 It's All Good by GP via Amazon / 3 Conga Line Pillow via Arianna Belle / 4 Floral Skirt via Brooks Brothers / 5 Savannah Recycling Bin via Pottery Barn

Wednesday, April 10


As we seem to be entering a the "April Showers" portion of spring here in the Northeast, I thought it a good time to share my favorite go-to, all-weather boot. I was originally introduced to Hunters by my mother with all her love of landscaping and gardening but it was only until I spent time living in Scotland that I witnessed their true magical properties and was a convert. I can't imagine how I got through the rain, slush, muck and snow without a pair of these work boots to keep my feet and calfs dry. 

It's pouring outside and you, of course, have a busy day of meetings and errands? Hunters.  Tromping through the mud on a post-rain, spring trek? Hunters. Mucking out stalls and other general barn dirty work. Hunters (they hose off beautifully). It's snowing and they haven't plowed the snowbanks on your path to work? Hunters.

I've worn my pair to death, literally. The last time it rained I discovered that there were six different tears and holes in the soles of my beloved Aubergine Tall Boots. Naturally, I'll be replacing them post haste. My only problem, what color to choose? 

{Images via Pinterest & Hunter}

*This post is not sponsored by Hunter, I just love and believe in the integrity and quality of their product

Tuesday, April 9

Shared Childrens Rooms

I almost titled this post "twinsies" but thought better of it, thank goodness. I never had to share a room growing up thanks to a sibling who was much older but there's something so enchanting about the notion of sisters or brothers sharing a room. Of course, I realize that the reality isn't quite this idyllic, especially as children grow older. I shared a room for seven years, from boarding school to my junior year of college. That single, senior year, was heaven! But how can you not think charming idyllic thoughts of pinky swears, pillow fights and siblings falling asleep whispering nonsense to one another when you see the images below? 

{Images via Pinterest}