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Wednesday, March 6

Workspace Day Dreams

The studio space we used for last weekends workshops got me day dreaming about a true workspace of me own. Not necessarily a full out artists studio but at least a dedicated room in my home where I could  shut out daily distractions. Right now my dining nook doubles as my office which means two things: the first, I'm constantly shoving over files and fabric swatches to eat meals and the second, I know I'm not as productive as I could be. Unfortunately I can't magic a second bedroom into existence in my current condo but I can still day dream and share some inspiration with you on this rainy Wednesday morning. 

Just imagine this dreamy studio space - that window, that light? There's a slight chance I would be 100% distracted by this but I'd be willing to try all the same. 

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  1. gimme those white walls and all that bright light!!

  2. I feel like if I had one of these offices I would work harder and more effectively!

    Still don't think that's gonna make my boss invest in the cause. :)

  3. I was just wondering, do you know what is holding up the table on the other side of the set up where you see the two Ikea paper drawer units? The same two things? They call it the "Alex" and it comes in various heights, I've got one already and can testify, the shelves are very sturdy!

    1. Kathy, I don't know for certain but I imagine that they just have a set of legs from Ikea's mix/match table top/ base collection.