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Monday, March 4

With Intention

Hopefully, by now, you're aware that I'm an interior designer and stylist. But did you know that I'm a fairly good floral stylist as well? Nope? That's alright because I really had know idea either until this past weekend when I assisted Jess Lively at her With Intention Workshops in Boston. 

Yes, I got to spend the whole weekend with one of my blogger idols: the genuine, intuitive, and charming Jess Lively. When she posted a few weeks back about needing an assistant for the Boston workshops I jumped at the opportunity and amazingly was selected. I was prepared for the role of assistant to entail a lot of setting up, meal-time preparation, clean up and general behind the scenes tasks. And I was cool with that, maybe I'd even glean some things from eavesdropping from behind the scenes. What I didn't expect was to be invited to participate in both her Business With Intention and Life With Intention sessions, when not fulfilling the aforementioned duties. I could never have anticipated what a completely life-changing experience this would be for me. My friends and family have told me I'm talented and worthwhile my entire life but to hear it from a group of complete strangers was such a relief. This group of strangers are now friends and I am more confident than ever that I'm on the right path with interior design. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to Jess and all the ladies {and gentleman} who helped me along to this realization. Keep in mind, this was all from partial participation too, imagine what it could mean for those of you considering the full workshop? 

As if this wasn't enough of an amazing weekend, Sunday night after posting images of the flower arrangements on instagram something incredible happened. Two more of my blogger idols, Danielle and Alaina, the women behind The Everygirl, "liked" two of these images. THE Everygirls! My face hurt from smiling and that smile's still plastered on my face even though all this morning I'll be finishing my taxes. 

Check back tomorrow for my "how to" on creating these simple floral masterpieces.

{Images by Allison Whittemore} 


  1. Allison! I heard the workshop went fantastic :) Thank you so much for all your hard work and I am so happy you were able to sit in on the workshop with Jess, isn't she amazing? Your flowers turned out beyond beautiful! Thanks again and you have been a true pleasure to work with! xx Jen

    1. Jen! It was my pleasure. I'm beyond thrilled that the workshops went so smoothly. Also, I didn't know that you were a blogger as well? It's now on my daily reader. Jess told me you'd recently revamped your blog and I have to say it looks amazing. Great job!