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Friday, March 22

Vintage Travel In Your Living Room

 We've all seen them at antique shows and vintage markets, those great old steamer trunks from the golden age of travel. When crossing the atlantic meant a sea voyage and as many trunks as you needed. None of this "one bag checked free" nonsense. From those times when one changed get ups an average of four to five times a day. Though, let's face it, my Scottish and English great-grandparents didn't come to America to escape these halcyon days. Back to the present! These vintage trunks do make wonderful accent tables and depending on their condition can transition from eclectic and bohemian rooms to more formal spaces. 

This was the image that inspired my post today. I want the turkish carpet and trunk to manifest straight into my living room. I wouldn't begrudge having that fireplace come along for the ride too ...

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  1. Love this idea Allison! I've been looking for one to turn in to a mini desk-in-a-box/filing cabinet, but that can sit out as my coffee table.

    Any advice on where to find pieces like this?


    1. Sofia, I'd try ebay or craigslist first. But then start looking for vintage markets/shops where you live. Approach vendors with quality product ( i.e. not the inevitable people selling a bunch of junk) and ask about old steamer/traveling trunks or army trunks and if they don't have any then ask about resources that might have what your looking for.

    2. Thanks Allison!

  2. Oh, what a tease! I wanted to to see more images of #2, because I think it may be meant for me. But when I clicked through, it's just a collection of other unique interiors and not that particular space. Any idea where I could find more shots?