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Monday, March 11

Operation Bedroom: Progress

I've made some significant headway into Operation Bedroom. I choose Balboa Mist (thanks for the input Heidi) and rounded up a group of friends to help me paint this past Saturday. In just under three hours my horrible, neglected bedroom was transformed with paint. Even before the walls were dry I knew I made right choice, so different from my initial reaction to the color I chose for my living room. And then on Sunday by wonderful brother came over to help me install my wall sconces. There's still a lot to do before the big reveal but here's a sneak peak.

A thousand thank you's to my friends Heather and Antoinette for helping with the painting for only donuts and pizza. And also for my brother for giving up his Sunday naptime to drill holes in my concrete wall. Tuesday I'm off to Ikea for the third time to hopefully pick up my new dresser which I will have to take out of its boxes in order to get it in the back of my small SUV. Wish me luck!