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Tuesday, March 5

Flower Arranging: A Quick Guide

 There really are only a few steps to creating a beautiful floral arrangement, the first {and most obvious} being to choose your flowers. For the With Intention workshops, Jess requested pink, coral or white flowers so I spent a half hour wandering the Flower Exchange and came up with white ranunculus and some unique pink anemones. If you're creating an arrangement purely for your own enjoyment, by all means hit up Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. However, I for fancier occasions or for gifts always buy your flowers from wholesalers or florist shops. There fresher and will last much longer. 

I hesitated to make selecting your vase the second step. There are certain occasions where it should be your first consideration. Knowing the size of your vase will help you plan for how much product to buy which is especially essential when creating arrangements for special occasions where a budget is involved. For the workshop I did have a set budget not to exceed and knew that Jess would be bringing three mint julep cups to use as vases. But if your picking up some flowers just to brighten up your day while grocery shopping, odds are you'll find some appropriately sized vessel around your home to display them in.

Alright, you've got the flowers and the vase. Now what? The best way I've found for "arranging" flowers is to build a bouquet stem by stem until the collective stems reach the diameter of my vase. Then, still holding onto your bouquet grab your kitchen sheers and cut the stems to a desired length. There's always some trial and error here, err on the side of long the first go round and then trim until you've found the perfect look. Fill the vase with water {don't forget to change daily} and there you have it, your floral masterpiece!

{Mint Julep Cup Image Via ; All others by Allison Whittemore}

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