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Wednesday, March 13

Delightful Design: Beacon Hill Townhouse

I fell in love with this charming townhouse in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood the second I laid eyes on the aqua entryway. Little known fact, I'm crazy for anything aqua or mint. This 19th century home was modernized with conveniences for an active family while still complementing the historic charm. This is especially evident on the kitchen/dining level where existing brick was whitewashed and  floor to ceiling shelving was added for storage. Yet, something about building the kitchen island out of brick keeps this space feeling like a 'downstairs' kitchen of old. 

Let's just spend a moment in this whimsical entryway. Besides my obsession with the bright door, I'm loving the eclectic wallpaper, Daydream, by Julia Rothman for Hugge & West

And how wonderful is this little courtyard. Someday I'd like a courtyard off my house. Keep on dreaming. To see more pictures and read the accompanying article, check it out on Boston Home Magazine.

{Photography by Eric Roth}


  1. I always loved this little house, what they dont show is that it's attached to another colonial (a green one to be exact) & that little patio is used more as a driveway which I am curious to see which house it belongs too. That entryway is fabulous tho!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you posted this, I would have missed it otherwise!

    Fun to see Julia Rothman stuff used in a more formal neighborhood (I always imagine just young people buying her stuff).