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Wednesday, March 27

A Neutral Backdrop

On my first full day of vacation I write this huddled in a huge bathrobe, clutching a steaming cup of coffee for dear life and eating a cookie for breakfast. March in Florida can either be warm and sunny or windy, cold and miserable. Looks like this year the meteorological gods are going to the later.  Given the chilly morning I'm experiencing I went in search of something that would reminded me of the warmth of summer. This old farmhouse from the 1800s is located in the bay area and definitely calls to mind lazy summer afternoons. 

 For their city retreat the owners kept the interiors neutral palette to showcase the verdant landscape but also to highlight their collection of vintage finds.

Pops of green throughout the pared-down interiors help further envelope the mind in the lush surroundings. 

{Photography by Susan Heeger for Country Living}

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