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Friday, March 29

An Under-the-Sea Bathroom

My parents recently made the decision to update several rooms in my childhood home on Marco Island. These are rooms that were last touched by new decor after Hurricane Andrew rolled through back in 1992. One of these rooms is my bathroom. I'm not sharing a before but let me just give you a visual with a couple of keywords: pink, pink, pink. Frankly it doesn't really bother me since I've lived with it so long, but as it is the only bathroom that isn't accessed from a bedroom it's the official "powder room" and my mother wanted it updated. I started with inspiration from the images below.

 But my plans for a gut-reno were not aligned with those of the CFO's. So we're working around the existing shower/bath, vanity, toilet and mirror which are all, thankfully, neutrals. At first I was just plain stuck,  possibly mourning the loss of my initial plans, until I happened upon a shower curtain from Pottery Barn. Et voilĂ ! It may be a little too "themed" but our house's architecture is Old Florida right on the water. Why not get a little caught up?

Sources // Paint via Benjamin Moore / Atlantic Shower Curtain via Pottery Barn / Sea Fan Artwork via The Karen Robertson Collection / Phoenix Floor Tile in Biscuit via Florida Tile / Starfish Jacquard Bath Towels via Pottery Barn 

{Images via Country Living}

Wednesday, March 27

A Neutral Backdrop

On my first full day of vacation I write this huddled in a huge bathrobe, clutching a steaming cup of coffee for dear life and eating a cookie for breakfast. March in Florida can either be warm and sunny or windy, cold and miserable. Looks like this year the meteorological gods are going to the later.  Given the chilly morning I'm experiencing I went in search of something that would reminded me of the warmth of summer. This old farmhouse from the 1800s is located in the bay area and definitely calls to mind lazy summer afternoons. 

 For their city retreat the owners kept the interiors neutral palette to showcase the verdant landscape but also to highlight their collection of vintage finds.

Pops of green throughout the pared-down interiors help further envelope the mind in the lush surroundings. 

{Photography by Susan Heeger for Country Living}

Tuesday, March 26

New Artwork

Yesterday, between bouts of packing, I had a rare moment to myself to finally hang some of my new art finds for Operation Bedroom.  I'm still working out some of the room's details but it feels good to have some art gracing the walls around my amazing mirror. 

Source // 1 Charleston Street via Me / 2 Love Print via Made by Girl / 3 Top Knot 18 via Elizabeth Mayville 

Monday, March 25

Destination Warmth

I'll be getting out of dodge for a few days and heading down to the sunnier climes of Florida. I'm attempting to pack light today in preparation for an early morning flight which will inevitably mean I'll pack and re-pack a few times to get it right. But my essentials include items from the group below: tanks, shorts, knit dresses, scarves and jackets for light layers, a cute clutch for night's out and of course my trusty Jack Rogers

Sources // 1 Stripe Racerback Cami & Vintage Cotton Tank via J.Crew Factory & J.Crew / 2 Multicolor Stripe Scarf via J.Crew / 3 Denim Jacket via J.Crew Factory / 4 Rounded Cat-Eye Sunglasses via Tory Burch / 5 The Classic Jacket via Ali Ro / 6 Chino Short via J.Crew / 7 Cropped Matchstick White Denim via J.Crew / 8 Bikini via J.Crew / 9 Fractal Beaded Pouch via Anthropologie / 10 Classic Navajo Sandals via Jack Rogers

Friday, March 22

Vintage Travel In Your Living Room

 We've all seen them at antique shows and vintage markets, those great old steamer trunks from the golden age of travel. When crossing the atlantic meant a sea voyage and as many trunks as you needed. None of this "one bag checked free" nonsense. From those times when one changed get ups an average of four to five times a day. Though, let's face it, my Scottish and English great-grandparents didn't come to America to escape these halcyon days. Back to the present! These vintage trunks do make wonderful accent tables and depending on their condition can transition from eclectic and bohemian rooms to more formal spaces. 

This was the image that inspired my post today. I want the turkish carpet and trunk to manifest straight into my living room. I wouldn't begrudge having that fireplace come along for the ride too ...

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

Thursday, March 21

Picks of the Week 3.20.13

Floral is the name of the game this week. Maybe it is a response to my longing for springtime. Maybe it's because for some reason seasonal allergies have begun here in Boston even though we had six inches of snow earlier this week. For whatever reasoning, my brain has been focused on some amazing be-flowered items. I am particularly enamored with the Wedgwood teacups, aren't they darling? And I've had my eyes on that J.Crew necklace, it's beyond words. 

1. Flower Lattice Necklace via J.Crew // 2. Petal Pusher Wallpaper via Hygge & West // 3. Fiesta Floral Pillow Cover via West Elm // 4. Harlequin Collection Butterfly Bloom Teacups via Wedgwood // 5. Silk Garden Scarf via Brooks Brothers

"Flower Power" Twenty-Thirteen Style

Wednesday, March 20

Soft & Comfortable

This lovely bedroom has been hanging out in my pinterest for a while now. This wonder belongs to Stephanie Vogler, co-owener of Vancouver design destination the Cross Decor & Design. This room is at once super stylish but also comfortable and cozy feeling; I could spend all Sunday here buried under the covers reading the paper and doing the crossword. I can just smell the coffee brewing now. Maybe this daydream stems from the fact that all of yesterday I wanted to crawl back into my own bed during the lovely wintry mix? But no arguments on the room's stylish status. 

I love that she's mixed ethnic bedding, glamorous iridescent wallpaper with vintage-mod alarm clock and lamp. All to perfection. Also, can we talk about how she's styled her pillows? I love the vertical pile, so unexpected! Check out the rest of Stephanie's home tour over on Style at Home and check out some unpublished images  here

{Images photographed by Janis Nicolay for Style at Home}

Tuesday, March 19

The House Quadrille Built

Here's a confession, I'm in love with all shades blue. Was that really a confession? Also, whenever I'm at the Design Center I always, always go into the Quadrille/China Seas showroom and stare lovingly at their bright and bold patterns. Keeping this in mind is it any wonder that I almost swooned when I read this feature on John Knott and John Fondas' Maine Home in April's House Beautiful. Knott happens to be the man behind Quadrille, to whom we should all kowtow. His living room is filled with their vibrant offerings in shades of blue and pops of coral. 

That gorgeous wallpaper: China Seas Aqua IV
Those chevron curtains: Quadrille Tashkent 
Other fabrics at play: Nitik II, New Batik, and Aquarias 

If you haven't already devoured your latest issue of House Beautiful you really should. There are more inspiring images from this home and a treasure trove of other Traditional Style Now! features. 

{Photography by Bjorn Wallander for House Beautiful}

Monday, March 18

Mirror, Mirror

I've accomplished the majority of my to do list for my bedroom revamp but the one major item that had been eluding me was a mirror for over my dresser. At first I loved the idea of a gilded frame with an arched top, but the pricing reality for mirrors was a bit out of the limited budget I'd given myself for this project. Then I started thinking of a large minimalist circle but abandoned that idea with the worry that it would overwhelm that side of the room. I really wanted something with character, but on a dime...

1. Gilt Minimalist Mirror via Wisteria | 2. Bone Inlay Parsons Wall Mirror via West Elm | 3. Antiqued Moroccan Mirror via Wisteria | 4. Bronze Metal Clad Mirror via Pottery Barn

Which did I choose? Here's a sneak peak below... now I just have to pick up the right hardware to hang this thirty pound beast!

{Images via Canadian House & Home}

Friday, March 15

Neutral Breathing Room

Thank goodness it's Friday. I think you'll all agree, no? My week has been a whirlwind of colorful fabrics, textiles and flowers so it's no wonder my headspace this morning is leaning towards neutral. Now that my bedroom is pretty much wrapped up I'm already thinking of my next project which is my kitchen. Here are some gorgeous kitchens heavy on the neutral but lovely and ethereal at the same time.

Happy Friday, I hope you all have great plans for a fun or relaxing weekend!

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, March 14

Picks of the Week 3.14.13

Some retail therapy for your enjoyment today. This week I'm inspired by corals and golds with a modern glass pendant thrown in for good measure. This coral dress from J.Crew will be mine. It's perfect for my upcoming visit home to Florida. I'm so ready for spring it's ridiculous. I've always wanted a signet ring, but where does one find those these days? I have the solution for my fellow monogram mavens below. 

I found these modern pendants while browsing through Webster & Company at the design center earlier this week and was entranced. Definitely putting in a strong recommendation to one of my clients that we use a grouping of these in her home - somewhere! And finally, flowers. For those of us for whom spring cannot come quickly enough, I suggest treating yourself to a small bouquet of fresh blooms weekly. You'll smile every time they catch your eye, I promise. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

Wednesday, March 13

Delightful Design: Beacon Hill Townhouse

I fell in love with this charming townhouse in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood the second I laid eyes on the aqua entryway. Little known fact, I'm crazy for anything aqua or mint. This 19th century home was modernized with conveniences for an active family while still complementing the historic charm. This is especially evident on the kitchen/dining level where existing brick was whitewashed and  floor to ceiling shelving was added for storage. Yet, something about building the kitchen island out of brick keeps this space feeling like a 'downstairs' kitchen of old. 

Let's just spend a moment in this whimsical entryway. Besides my obsession with the bright door, I'm loving the eclectic wallpaper, Daydream, by Julia Rothman for Hugge & West

And how wonderful is this little courtyard. Someday I'd like a courtyard off my house. Keep on dreaming. To see more pictures and read the accompanying article, check it out on Boston Home Magazine.

{Photography by Eric Roth}

Tuesday, March 12

Delightful Design: Michelle Adams' New Digs

Michelle Adam's has done it again. Her new apartment flying high above the city's west side and weighing it at only 475 square feet is magnificent. Keeping the principle pieces neutral and leaving the windows bare keeps this small space feeling expansive. Yet, the bright pops of color and pattern make it a true Michelle Adam's original. 

Touring the globe in search of inspiration as editor of Lonny, Michelle has learned from the best and mastered the art of interior design, gallery wall placement and the curation of collection moments. I envy her ability to blend antique with retro and modern with vintage. 

For more images and detail shots please read the full story in the March edition of Lonny.

{Images photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny}

Monday, March 11

Operation Bedroom: Progress

I've made some significant headway into Operation Bedroom. I choose Balboa Mist (thanks for the input Heidi) and rounded up a group of friends to help me paint this past Saturday. In just under three hours my horrible, neglected bedroom was transformed with paint. Even before the walls were dry I knew I made right choice, so different from my initial reaction to the color I chose for my living room. And then on Sunday by wonderful brother came over to help me install my wall sconces. There's still a lot to do before the big reveal but here's a sneak peak.

A thousand thank you's to my friends Heather and Antoinette for helping with the painting for only donuts and pizza. And also for my brother for giving up his Sunday naptime to drill holes in my concrete wall. Tuesday I'm off to Ikea for the third time to hopefully pick up my new dresser which I will have to take out of its boxes in order to get it in the back of my small SUV. Wish me luck! 

Friday, March 8

Bright Lips

I've never been a lipstick person but I've been admiring the bright lips trend for the past couple seasons. So I scrunched up some courage and visited my favorite make up counter for a couple of hot shades. It's remarkable how much of a confidence boost a great, bold lip color can give. It also speeds up my make-up routine, sometimes all it takes is some mascara and one of my new bright lipsticks to feel ready to take on the day and transition into the night. 

Bobbi Brown makes my favorites: Sweet Nectar, Rose Blossom and Mod Pink. I was wearing Mod Pink in this image of me. Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere also has a great post about her favorite shades here

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, March 7

Picks of the Week 03.07.13

A little retail therapy for your Thursday. My picks this week include mints, golds and "darling" sweaters. Once Operation Bedroom is complete in a few more weeks I'll be able to start saving up for some fun springtime fashion. Spring cannot come soon enough. 

1. Enchant Brooch Necklace from Anthropologie :: 2. Hugo Guinness Cashmere "Darling" Sweater from J.Crew :: 3. Etta Satin Cap Toe Pump from J.Crew :: 4. Heart You iPhone Case from Ampersand Design Studio :: 5. Gramercy Grand Watch from Kate Spade 

Wednesday, March 6

Workspace Day Dreams

The studio space we used for last weekends workshops got me day dreaming about a true workspace of me own. Not necessarily a full out artists studio but at least a dedicated room in my home where I could  shut out daily distractions. Right now my dining nook doubles as my office which means two things: the first, I'm constantly shoving over files and fabric swatches to eat meals and the second, I know I'm not as productive as I could be. Unfortunately I can't magic a second bedroom into existence in my current condo but I can still day dream and share some inspiration with you on this rainy Wednesday morning. 

Just imagine this dreamy studio space - that window, that light? There's a slight chance I would be 100% distracted by this but I'd be willing to try all the same. 

{Images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 }

Tuesday, March 5

Flower Arranging: A Quick Guide

 There really are only a few steps to creating a beautiful floral arrangement, the first {and most obvious} being to choose your flowers. For the With Intention workshops, Jess requested pink, coral or white flowers so I spent a half hour wandering the Flower Exchange and came up with white ranunculus and some unique pink anemones. If you're creating an arrangement purely for your own enjoyment, by all means hit up Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. However, I for fancier occasions or for gifts always buy your flowers from wholesalers or florist shops. There fresher and will last much longer. 

I hesitated to make selecting your vase the second step. There are certain occasions where it should be your first consideration. Knowing the size of your vase will help you plan for how much product to buy which is especially essential when creating arrangements for special occasions where a budget is involved. For the workshop I did have a set budget not to exceed and knew that Jess would be bringing three mint julep cups to use as vases. But if your picking up some flowers just to brighten up your day while grocery shopping, odds are you'll find some appropriately sized vessel around your home to display them in.

Alright, you've got the flowers and the vase. Now what? The best way I've found for "arranging" flowers is to build a bouquet stem by stem until the collective stems reach the diameter of my vase. Then, still holding onto your bouquet grab your kitchen sheers and cut the stems to a desired length. There's always some trial and error here, err on the side of long the first go round and then trim until you've found the perfect look. Fill the vase with water {don't forget to change daily} and there you have it, your floral masterpiece!

{Mint Julep Cup Image Via ; All others by Allison Whittemore}