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Friday, February 22


For several months now I've been telling myself that in honor of Halcyon Style's second birthday we were going to splurge on a professional blog template. Initially this meant tracking down a designer and shelling out a large fee. Then I went to Blogshop. And it changed my graphic design life. Now, instead, I'm working on giving my blog mini "lifestyle lifts" all on my own.

Last night I burned the midnight oil. I revamped color, relocated some of my sidebar items, labels & popular posts, to the footer and last but not at all leasts, I conquered the button. Sure, blogshop taught me how to create those wonderful social media icons and other buttons but how in the heck do you add them to you blog's layout? Magic. Kidding, I followed this basic tutorial, fidgeting a bit with the final html code at the end. Next up on the list: the header, the about page and my interior design services page. 

Back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday, promise. 


  1. This all looks fantastic! I love the color you've chosen. Just think--all this in one night. What's to come!

    1. Thanks Rachael! I seem to have fallen for minty/aqua. I finished my new "about" page and am working on a new design services page as well.

  2. Looks fabulous - you clearly learned more in blog shop then I did!