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Friday, February 8

New Cabinets on the Block

Remember that movie from the late 90s where two teenagers get pulled into an old black and white television series and slowly bring change and color to their new surroundings? I feel that a similar revolution is happening in the world of kitchens, not to get too dramatic. In a world of plentiful gray, I'm pleased to have found a few fresh ideas out there for your cabinets from metallic finishes to shades of green from soft mint to bold hunter.   

And the pastel love continues with these mint cabinets. I love it paired with the marble counters and brass finishes. 

Hammer-time, just kidding. Those drop crotch pants should stay where they are: in the past. These hammered metal cabinets, on the other hand, are just gorgeous. 

This kitchen. This kitchen is beyond words amazing. Bailey McCarthy is a design genius. 

Mirrored panels for your kitchen island? Why yes, I think I will. 

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