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Wednesday, February 6

Magazine Collections

This past weekend I spent a good number of hours tearing up magazines. No, it had nothing to do with anger management or lack thereof. I simply cannot stand the large piles of magazines and catalogs that pile up around my house. Twice a year, once they've accumulated to such proportions that the stacks could double as accent tables, I flip through them one last time and tear out anything I deem inspirational, interesting recipes or practical advice. The remainder are heaved into the recycle bin. Phew. However, I recognize that some actually enjoy their magazine collections. And for those of you who do, you likely need a place to keep them organized. Here are a few ideas for corralling the chaos.

1. A chic stack of magazines and books next to a sleek fireplace. 


2. Stacked within reach under your nearest lucite coffee table. 

3. Behind closed doors, glazed or not. 

4. Make them an active part of your bookshelf styling.

 Do you keep your favorite magazines? Or do you rip them apart and create old-school pinterest boards like me? 

{Images via Pinterest}

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