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Monday, February 11

Breakfast in Bed

I've been having breakfast in bed for the past week. But for a very unglamorous reason, I destroyed a muscle in my lower back early last week and consequently am now dealing with sciatic pain. Thankfully, I seem to be on the mend but I still usually need an extra half hour in bed in the morning while waiting for my ibuprofen to kick in. A perfect time for my daily oatmeal and cup of tea while reading the newspaper and my favorite blogs. As the whole world undoubtedly knows, this Thursday is Valentine's Days. I'm pretty ho-hum in general about this holiday. I don't necessarily care about lavish gifts or chocolate (the later is blaspheme according to my mother) but I do enjoy the little indulgences like fresh flowers, a handmade valentine or a sugary breakfast in bed. Bringing your valentine breakfast in bed doesn't have to be fancy but here's a few ideas just in case you want to bring it up a notch.

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Want to go beyond buttery croissants and fresh fruit? Here are some ideas: 

Southern Egg in Cocotte (Grits, Cheese, Sausage and Egg Bake)

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