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Friday, January 18

The Art Opening

This post was orginally scheduled for yesterday but I had a luddite moment and pressed save instead of publish. Job well done, Allison. 

Art Opening

As a former gallery assistant I've developed a love of show openings. And not just because of the free libations. It's a given that I'm an art lover but I also love to check out new venues and how they work  (or don't work) with the artwork curated. Last week I attended an opening at a new space in the South End that was a phenomenal canvas for the artwork on view: white brick walls, high ceilings, black iron windows. Amazing art, amazing interiors. I'm a classically trained gallerina, so i've developed a uniform when I gallery hop: black dress, boots (or flats) and a few pieces of statement jewelry. Some might think it's playing it safe but I prefer to let the art steal the show. 

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