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Monday, January 28

Suspended Canopy

My love affair with canopy beds started in childhood when it seemed that our fairy tale heroines all slumbered ensconced in a bed surrounded by silks and sheers. Years later I'm still weak at the knees for a gorgeous canopy even if the charm of sleeping beneath yards of fabric does tug at the strings of my claustrophobia. What I've only just discovered is that you don't need an unwieldy four poster bed to achieve canopy perfection. Instead it can be suspended from the ceiling, much like half canopies and cornice crowns. ::groans in self annoyance at this oversight:: I love the airy, elegant effect this creates. No stuffy brocade need apply.

Off to a late start today, sorry. Last night's Downton Abbey really threw me for a loop and therefore I spent way to long looking at cute animal pictures to put myself right. If you saw this episode you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't watched it yet you'd better prepare yourself. Think chocolate and wine. 

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