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Tuesday, January 15

London Calling

After seeing this house on a friend's Pinterest, my first thought was to grab my passport and immediately run to the nearest airport. And apply for a £8,500,000 loan on the way. Yes, this exquisite property in London's fashionable Chelsea neighborhood could be yours. I'm in love with the scheme of greys, blues and pinks that weave their way throughout this townhouse. And the antique, rough wood floors are just tremendously beautiful. 

Can I even find words for this conservatory? Adding on conservatory spaces seems to be ubiquitous with London renovations or so my lifelong reading of British Shelter Magazines leads me to believe. I wish this style would catch on here in America. 

Best. Library. Ever. It may be incredibly narrow but it has everything necessary to be the perfect reading retreat. In my mind space I've passed through the computer screen, have just lit a roaring fire and am settling into the armchair with the latest read. Oh yes, it's also a blustery, rainy day and I have a tray of tea and biscuits.

Check out the original listing and more images here.

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