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Thursday, December 20

An Enticing Entry

Much like my bland dining room, my entry hallway could use a little love. I've been pretty focused on decorating my living room that this space has remained underwhelming which is unfortunate as it's the very first thing guests see when entering my home. I'll be keeping my console/bookshelf since it works beautifully as a hall table while also proving much needed storage for personal and business items. But I need just about everything else, including a new mirror, lamps or sconces, and artwork to turn it from boring to fantastic! Dressing up this space isn't just for guests, I want to come home and feel wowed rather than winded from flights of stairs. Here's some recent inspiration for an enticing entry. 

Loving the large, round mirror!

Can't really make use of awesome wallpaper as my hall isn't separated from the rest of my living space but I love the print in this funky traditional foyer.  

Encaustic tiled floors! One day...

Ideally I'd have some kind of bench to assist with wintering up {it's incredibly difficult to put on boots while standing, don't you agree?}. Loving the teal velvet of this settee.

Again, statement wallpaper! Genius use of space having stools beneath an open console. 

Simple and lovely.

{Images via Pinterest}

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