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Monday, November 5

Work Wear Update

My work wardrobe is in drastic need of an update. As in I need one. When I quit work in the gallery world and made the decision that I wasn't going back to a business casual setting I gave away most of my Monday - Friday work wear. Mostly because it was all too dark and depressing. Since then my daily uniform has consisted of jeans, a white t-shirt and a comfy scarf. There's nothing wrong with this look except that because I also dress similarly on the weekends I feel too casual in certain settings. 
 I always dress it up for client meetings but I think I need more professional yet creative look for when I'm at the design center or running similar design errands. And I think the answer might involve more skirts and more blazers and generally much more color! Like these chic ladies below...
I love all these combinations put together by Two Penny Blue using their beautiful Cambridge Blazers. Might need to invest in a couple...

{Images via Pinterest}

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