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Friday, November 30

Small Scale Holiday Decorations

 If you live in a city the chances of having enough space to store holiday decorations in the off-season are relatively slim. At least that's the case for me. But just because you can't transform your living room into a full scale winter wonderland doesn't mean you can't have a holiday cheer. Take the table-top balsam tree, they're just the right size for a few cherished ornaments or even DIY paper decorations.  My first year in my condo I bought one and made paper poinsettia blossoms as ornaments.

Lights and other hanging objects are another way to dress up your space for the holidays. Windows make great display spaces since you're probably not going to be opening them again until spring. Similarly to the hanging advent calendar below you could suspend christmas ornaments or holiday cards from a ribbon instead. 

Why not spruce up items you probably have around your home? Add festive greenery and other natural elements to pillar candles. Or swap in the same natural elements or ornaments in your terrarium {If you have a black thumb like me, that succulent or miniature orchid you had in there has long since perished}. I may have to go with the bowl of ornaments on my coffee table.

{Images via Pinterest}

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