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Friday, October 19

Winter Skin Essentials

As we head towards late fall and early winter my skin care routine gets amped up to take on the ravages of winter elements. Gone are the lazy days of summer when applying sunblock in the morning and using a good cleanser at night were the only real requirements. Now the cold, blustery air and harsh winter sunlight is beginning to wreak havoc on my skin. To combat these effects I turn to my three winter skin essentials. 

You may laugh at its somewhat silly name but you wont regret making this a winter skin staple. I keep this on my bedside table and apply liberally just before going to bed. Sometimes in the deep winter I'll use a tiny dollop in the morning for extra hydration. Presto! No more crocodile skin. 

This is actually a fairly recent addition. I've always used one of those medicated lip balms you find at drugstores just before bed but certain chemicals in them can actually make your chapped lips worse. This was recommended to me by my skin guru at my last facial with the promise that I would never use another brand lip balm ever again. It's a French company but I found it on Birchbox. Apply liberally at night and then again in the morning; your lips will thank you. 

Don't be fooled by the lack of beach going and bikinis, the sun's rays do just as much harm to your face (let's be honest, besides your hands, your face is the only other patch of skin visible this time of year) during winter. Since it may not be appealing to slather on sunscreen in the off season why not try an SPF moisturizer? This product is actually part of my morning routine year round. It's the opposite of sticky, white sunscreen, and provides an smooth base layer for makeup. Even though it appears to be tinted it goes on clear so it wont mess with your foundation.

{Images via brand websites, linked above}

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