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Tuesday, October 23

Outdoor Living into the Fall

It seems I have been overly ambitious about getting back to my normal routine by today. My poor brain is not firing on all cylinders yet. As much as one imagines being required to lounge around in bed as a treat, when you really cannot do anything else but lie down all day you start to go a little stir crazy. To help combat the cabin fever over the past couple days I've dragged my germ ridden body outside simple to sit in the fresh air. I highly recommend a does of fresh air at least once a day no matter how awful your cold symptoms, you'll feel so much better. This of course has me thinking about outdoor rooms.
 As long as you're dressed appropriately, fall is a wonderful to make use of outdoor living spaces. And not just during the day, if you have a fire-pit or a fireplace you can enjoy your deck, patio or yard in the evening (made even better with the addition of s'mores!) 

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