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Monday, October 8

Osborne & Little Wallpapers

Last week during a rather manic search for blue and white stripe wallpaper I discovered the wonderfully whimsical, colorful wallpapers from Osborne and Little and Nina Campbell. The majority of my trip was a whirlwind focused on stripes I actually took a breather at the Osborne and Little showroom, flipping through all the boards of wallpaper. There were many oohs and ahhs and had me wishing for a magic, unlimited debit card. 
Nina Campbell "Farfalla"
Osborne & Little "Coronata Star"
Nina Campbell "La Perroquet"
Osborne & Little "Volte Face"
Nina Campbell "Swan Lake" and "Orchard Blossoms"
Nina Campbell "Paradiso"
Osborne & Little "Laguna"
I find it slightly interesting most of the images I chose involve birds. Interesting as I'm not really a fan of the winged creatures with the exception of flamingos. Maybe I was more affected by watching Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds but there is something creepy about flocks of birds. 

{Images via Osborne & Little and Pinterest}

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