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Monday, October 29

Hurricane Sandy Prep

This may be my last post for a couple of days given the impending doom known as Hurricane Sandy. I'm riding out the storm on the Cape and last year we lost power almost immediately during Irene so I'm anticipating a similar situation. No power equals no internet equals not blogging and pinning {gasp}. After an early morning of nothing but normal gusty wind we're starting to experience very forceful gusts. And I'm wishing I had a big bottle of Xanax. Maybe I'll just crack open a bottle of vino. Next time I take the dog outside I may venture a little further down the street and check out this astronomical high tide + storm surge combination I keep hearing about on the weather channel...

Buffalo Check Shirt | Barbour Jacket | JeansCashmere Wrap | Shearling Slippers | Wellies

Here's to hoping we don't lose power but just in case I've fully charged my kindle and loaded it with a bunch of new books and card games and dominos have been located from the dark recesses of the basement. I also have the new Nate Berkus book which I'm excited to read. I've heard that his text is very insightful so hopefully I'll learn a thing or two. And lastly, I've stocked up on non-perishable food items. Mainly Candy Corn. Candy Corn's a vegetable right?

Stay Safe!

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