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Wednesday, September 12

Delightful Design: Bahamian Blue and White

 The latest issue of House Beautiful popped up on my iPad a couple days ago and I couldn't stop staring at the feature on designer Amanda Lindroth's marvelous Bahamian home. Termed "Caribbean Modern" by   Lindroth, this 1950's island home with it's walls of glass sliders and dated interiors had little initial appeal. However, with a little design magic and a lot of vintage rattan, Lindroth brought it back to it's midcentury resort roots.  I'm so glad that she kept the original structure, I have a fondness for these charming midcentury island houses given I grew up surrounded by them in Florida. 
I love how Lindroth disguised the often unsightly slider tracks with rattan blinds and curtain panels. 

{Images by James Merrell for House Beautiful

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