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Thursday, September 27

At the Movies: Pitch Perfect

I don't often post about upcoming movies (and rarely get a chance to see one while it's still in theaters) but I cannot contain my excitement for Pitch Perfect which opens next week. I saw a trailer for these a few months back but in the interim it fell off my radar until The Everygirl blogged it earlier this week. Since then I have probably watch the trailer more times that I would like to admit. It focuses on a girls a cappella group full of talented misfits; its basically Glee but way, way better. And has am amazing cast including Anna Kendrick (aka the only talented Twilight Star) and Rebel Wilson of Bridesmaids Fame.  

I'm glad to see that Rebel Wilson delivers some great lines in this film as well.  I'll definitely be seeing this in theaters next Friday.

P.S. The new season of Downton Abbey just started in the UK and I hear rave reviews from across the pond. Cannot wait for January 2013!

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