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Monday, August 6

Apartment Crush: Olympia Bermann's NYC Flat

Would you believe that this is a 600 square feet, third floor walk up in the heart of one of NYC's trendiest neighborhoods? The only think that gave it away for me was the curtain in place of the bedroom door, otherwise, the below image looks like it belongs in a dwelling or grander proportions. Good design is certainly in the genes/jeans of this homeowner. Not only is Olympia Bermann the daughter of canadian interior designer Michelle Lloyd but she's also a clothing designer for J.Crew. Could she get any more fabulous? Yes. She also lived in Paris for a year. 
Keeping the walls, floors and other fixtures simple and neutral, Bermann filled her home with vintage pieces from all over the globe as well as framing up some of her own, phenomenal artwork. 
 Because her closet is also the access point to her bedroom, Bermann keeps it styled as a merchandiser would keep the racks and shelves at J.Crew. Like colors and like patterns together, please. 
 A sleeping alcove that isn't really an alcove at all. Bermann employed a little tromp l'oeil in the form of  bold paint to help keep her bedroom from looking like an afterthought next to all the clothing storage. 
 Masterful soft vignettes blending the natural with the industrial. 

{Images by Eric Striffler for Canadian House & Home}

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