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Friday, August 31


I'm off to celebrate my dear friend Stephanie's wedding this weekend. As a bridesmaid I've seen bits and pieces of the wedding planning but I can't wait to see everything working together! 

Here's some eye candy from Pinterest. Happy Friday! 

{Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!}

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, August 30

Delightful Design: Ashley Whittaker Design

It took my long enough to write this post. I clipped these images from the latest issue of House Beautiful what feels like a month ago. I instantly fell for the gorgeous pastel palette of this Greenwich home featuring the interior design of Ashley Whittaker. I just love her ability to make the often childish pastels appear fresh, modern and sophisticated. 

Can't get enough? Neither could I so I checked out her online portfolio for more of her modern preppy designs. Here are some of my favorite images. 

Tuesday, August 28

Revere Pewter

All summer I've been admiring the hallway color in my brother's summer rental. It is the perfect gray that I've been struggling to find for my living room. Not too blue, not too red, not too yellow.  Finally after long last I discovered the old paint tins in the basement and the winner is: Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore. Queue the angelic singing. Just look how lovely it is in the living room below. Even though they're not in my color scheme, I especially love it paired with slate blue and lemony yellow. Now I just need to make a little room in my schedule to paint!

{Images via Pinterest}

Monday, August 27

On Mondays We Wear Coral

Mondays are generally less than stellar for most but this week is not shaping up to be a good one for me. All summer I had planned on having this week be relatively low key since my birthday and Steph's  Wedding are both this weekend.  And then chaos reared it's ugly head. I'm back to the city today. Eva Green here pretty much sums up my enthusiasm. Oh well, at least I have an awesome weekend to look forward to.
Let's talk coral front doors. Just because. They're stunning and cheerful. Let's be honest, we could all use more of that on Mondays. If I had a front door (of course my building has one but I think they'd object to coral...) it would be this gorgeous hue paired with navy shutters and white trim. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Friday, August 24

Styling Long Hair

For most of my life I've rocked long, wavy hair but for about a year I've been keeping my hair longer than usual in anticipation of Stephanie's wedding at the end of summer. Man, I wish it was the end of summer already because this hair is driving me insane. A couple of weeks ago I abandoned blow drying it straight and it doesn't look as nice down anymore. And it's blazing hot so down isn't really an option.  I did what any rational person would do and turned to Pinterest in search of easy styling options. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Wednesday, August 22

Brash Bold or Soft Neutral

I sometimes think my pinterest boards make me out as bipolar with regards to my personal style. They're chock full of both subtle design and fashion and a bolder, badder style. This could possibly be why my own apartment remains in a semi-finished state. Which best sums up your style? 

Why decide. I choose both!

{Images via Pinterest}

Monday, August 20

Interiors, Illustrated

I stumbled upon these delightfully charming small works on Etsy the other day. Diminutive prints of lovely interiors from the original paintings by Texas based artist, David Lloyd. If you consider the number of interior images saved on my Pinterest and the number of shelter magazines stacked next to my sofa it only makes sense the I would be taken with a fine art rendering as well.

{Images via David Lloyd Gallery}

Friday, August 17

Fall Essentials

It's that time of year again. Retail stores have replaced summer clothing with fall essentials. We begin to peek into our cold weather clothing to access just how much damage we can justify doing with our credit cards at _______ {insert favorite retailer here... mine's obviously J. Crew}. My favorite looks for fall involve skinny jeans or short skirts, tall boots and layered sweaters or a blazer. Oh, why don't we throw in some flirty dresses too for good measure. 

J.Crew Fitted Cocktail Dress | J.Crew Polka Dot Sweater | J.Crew Excursion Vest | J.Crew Minnie Pant | J.Crew Skinny Jeans |  Madewell Scarf

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, August 16

Back at The Shops

Following its successful May launch of the Shops at Target, Target stores will be launching on September 9th a whole new collection of clothing and housewares for us to covet! For the fall installment, Target has paired up with four boutiques- New York’s Kirna Zabete and Odin, San Francisco’s The Curiosity Shoppe and Boston’s PATCH NYC. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces and also check out the rest on Target's media page

Owl bookends from PATCH NYC ($24.99)
Ok, ok so they might not truly be Greco-Roman, but these PATCH NYC plates are great and would be a nice added decoration in my apartment ($19.99)

I am ready for fall color and this Kirna Zabete dress ($49.99). As a tall woman, the shoes are a bit intimidating for me though!

I think this Kirna Zabete tweed shift dress would look great with one of my blouses ($44.99). Maybe I could even tone it down and get away with it at work.

I have been looking for a cute small clutch for evenings out and think I might purchase this Kirna Zabete piece in black or maybe red if I am feeling adventurous that day ($34.99). 

 I put up some of the more fall appropriate items because I am in need of a respite from my summer clothes. However,  if you are in need of a bit more color and whimsy, definitely check out some of the other collections. See you all in line!