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Monday, July 2

Remember When

Though it feels like many years since but in reality only 374 days ago I wrote a post about this tiny tremendously stylish studio kitchen. Imagine my surprise and excitement to see it again. This time in the pages of House Beautiful, selected for Kitchen of the Month.
At the time it was from an imagine directly from the portfolio of custom builders, The Brooklyn Home Company; simple, clean lines with void of any styling. I had originally imagined it with bohemian accents of red, purple and navy but I have to say the clean and fresh look with just hints of yellow and light blue picture here isn't bad. 
In other news I I keep circling back to this 'boho' look, it may be more important to me than I realized? This confuses me as I am such a prepster in every other way, I sail under the banner of J.Crew and Lilly for pete's sake. 

{Images via House Beautiful}

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