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Tuesday, July 24

Relaxing in Old Lyme

Saturday saw me up bright and early to drive down to Old Lyme, Connecticut for Stephanie's Bridal Shower.  Hosted at Stephanie's Aunt's house by her mother, aunts and her sister-of-honor it was a rousing success. The theme was more a color story of lemon yellow paired with nautical blue (we all are aware of Stepahnie's obsession with all things stripe, yes?) and food was amazing. It was great to catch up with Stephanie, our mutual friends and to meet the amazing women she's met since our college days. I didn't realize how badly I needed to get away for the weekend until I was home on Sunday and was able to report that I had a really great, relaxing time. 

{Image via Yay.Maggie.May}
Yes, that tall blonde weirdo is me. Don't worry I'm not actually wearing a white dress to someone else's bridal shower. It was an ikat pattern. 
Not going to lie, after presents and obligatory photo sessions with the bride's friends and family there was a pool party. There may have been glasses of wine involved too...maybe. 
 Stunning views of the Connecticut River from the house. Please don't mind the parade of orange tractors. Stephanie's aunt's neighbor thought it would be a hoot if he parked all his field gear in our immediate view. So considerate. 
 Of course there was an overabundance of Jack Rogers present. Looking through my old iphone pictures last night I came across a similar shot from last summer. Hmm...
 Those of us who slumber partied it up after the shower were treated to a glamourous bunk room at the top of the house. At one point I may have exclaimed "It's just like camp. I've never been to camp!" My inner 10 year old escaped. 
{Images via Stephanie}
Stephanie snapped this on her route home from Old Lyme with the caption "Inner Goddess Radio." I nearly fell over laughing. 

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