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Monday, July 9


It sees that no matter how restful your weekend, Monday and it's negative attitude seems to come around too soon.  So let's focus on some positive highlights from the weekend instead. As I spent First Friday helping out an artist friend at her SoWa studio I hopped on an early Saturday bus down to the Cape. I forgot my earbuds and was forced into overhearing two hours worth of doomsday prophesies running the gamut of e-books to identity theft. BUT...
 Later when I went to the local Vineyard Vines to check out their "Whale of a Sale" (their words, not mine) I found myself in the middle of a Hyannis Sound concert. One minute I'm criticizing my bikini clad self in the fitting room and the next I jump out of my skin as the group bursts into Simon and Garfunkel's Cecilia.  For those of you not in the know, Hyannis Sound is an amazing a cappella group that forms every summer here on the Cape. You should get to know them too. Oh, and I bough that bikini I tried on. 
 Which I wore to the beach on fabulously sunny Sunday. 
 After I was sufficiently burned (I"m kidding, you should use always use sunscreen friends) I made my yearly stop at Four Seas for some delicious fresh peach ice cream. Even though I drive by this icon all the time, I'm sadly a lactard and can only eat the deliciousness on occasion. But you should go. Just ask Steph, she's crazy about the coconut flavor. 
 All the ice cream merited a healthful dinner choice. My friend Julia sent me the link to this raw kale salad. I love all other leafy greens besides kale but this salad makes me revisit that affirmation. Tossed with oranges and avocado in a citrus vinaigrette, it's amazingly good. 
My parent's also have a teeny tiny baby rabbit living in their front yard. It's the cutest damn thing and not shy of people (of small terriers). I'm calling him Peter after the famously, blue-coated Peter Rabbit.

Happy Monday!

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