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Thursday, July 26

Design Moments

Design Moments. Stylized stories created to draw in the viewer and evoke an emotional response. Bright and cheerful. Calm and contemplative. Subtle and serene. Loud and boisterous. 
I want to throw a party here. Stat. The combination of textiles is amazing. That tray table's pretty wonderful as well. 
A quiet moment. 
Reminds me of summertime. Those long weekends spent at a beach rental. A great place to start your morning with plenty of coffee and a quiet place to read and relax after too much sun exposure!
 I just love it. It makes me smile. It should be the first thing I see when I get home to cure bad days. 
Poolside. Let's go. 
Wow. Way to psych yourself up for work on Mondays. 
I know it's summer but I couldn't resist throwing in this image. It makes me excited for those cold, blustery days spent huddled in front of the fire bundled in flannel with a loved one or a good book. You know the image has to be damn great to make me look forward to winter. 

{Images via Pinterest}

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