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Thursday, July 19

de Gournay: Bespoke Perfection

Tuesday I had the opportunity to check out the family home my brother and sister-in-law recently purchased in the suburbs. I tagged along for most of the house hunting process as a toddler wrangler but funnily enough the house they chose wasn't one I'd previously seen. It's a gorgeous hundred year old house that has been well cared for. Unfortunately, like most older homes, there are some questionable wallpaper choices in a few rooms, such as the dining room. 

While it will probably just receive a new coat of paint in the interim, my sister-in-law has plans to add hand painted wallpaper in the 18th century scenic style. We'd seen a similar motif used in another home and were both in love with the mood it created, reminding us of the old grand Southern Plantations. For the hell of it I googled modern vendors and came across de Gournay. My goodness, the loveliness. I completely understand now why one would pay tooth and nail for custom wallpaper. 
 La Bresil
 Temple Newman
 La Chasse de Compiegne
 Early Views of India
 Early Views of India
 English Landscape
Early Views of Italy

{Images via de Gournay}

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