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Wednesday, July 11

California Chill

I'm giving myself the luxury of moving a little slower this morning since it is quite literally a billion degrees outside. Have I mentioned how well I tolerate humidity? That's sarcasm right there in case it didn't translate. 
While surveying the internet for today's post I cam across the portfolio of Erin Martin Design, an interior design firm based out of St. Helena California. Equal parts sleek and industrial vintage makes for fabulous design. This group has mastered what I've termed "California Chill." 
 Who doesn't want a party barn? 
 I love the vibe happening in this living room. However, the more I look at it, the more I want to photoshop out those two articulated floor lamps. They're starting to remind me of a terrifying movie preview I saw in the late eighties when I was five.  
 Marble wrapped island... perfection. 

{Images via Erin Martin Design}

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