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Tuesday, July 31

Easy Summer Eats

Just about this time every summer, as the thermometer creeps higher and higher, my motivation for cooking dinner gets lower and lower. At the end of the day the last thing I want to go is hunker down in the kitchen over a hot stove. Short of resorting to cheap and unhealthy (or expensive and somewhat healthy alternatives) takeout I turned to Pinterest and my friends to tantalize my tastebuds. Here are three simple recipes that I'm loving right now.

1 Kale Salad from Eat Live Run
I once harbored negative feelings about kale until a friend brought this over for dinner. I get about four dinner size servings from this recipes. It's as easy as chop, toss and eat. 

2 Nectarine & Goat Cheese Pizza from Yummy Mummy
I cheated a little on the actual recipe. I used store bought naan which I dusted with olive oil and grilled on each side. Then I added the toppings and shoved it under the broiler for 10 minutes. It was a success, thanks for the inspiration Marina!

3 Spiced Black Bean, Grilled Avocado and Goat Cheese Tacos from Naturally Ella
I've yet to make this recipe but look at the image. How can it not be an amazing experience for the tastebuds? This is totally happening for book club food this week. 
Get the Recipe

 {Images via Eat Live RunYummy Mummy & Naturally Ella}

Monday, July 30

Design 101: Tolix Cafe Chairs

The Tolix Model A Chair by Xavier Pauchard first went into production in the 1930s and hasn't left the line since. Crafted of sheet metal and available in a myriad of colors, the Tolix is lightweight, stackable, near indestructible and inexpensive. Furthermore this design icon is at home in almost every setting giving an industrial edge to spaces from eclectic to elegant. 

{Images via Pinterest & Product Sites Above}

Friday, July 27

Late Summer Evenings

This gorgeous lace dress from Anthropologie reminds me of summer sunsets. If I hadn't just emptied my spare cash on a new coffee table and Farrow and Ball paint I would snap this beauty up to wear to an upcoming bachelorette weekend. I'll continue the sunset imagery with minty green and golden accents. 

Thursday, July 26

Design Moments

Design Moments. Stylized stories created to draw in the viewer and evoke an emotional response. Bright and cheerful. Calm and contemplative. Subtle and serene. Loud and boisterous. 
I want to throw a party here. Stat. The combination of textiles is amazing. That tray table's pretty wonderful as well. 
A quiet moment. 
Reminds me of summertime. Those long weekends spent at a beach rental. A great place to start your morning with plenty of coffee and a quiet place to read and relax after too much sun exposure!
 I just love it. It makes me smile. It should be the first thing I see when I get home to cure bad days. 
Poolside. Let's go. 
Wow. Way to psych yourself up for work on Mondays. 
I know it's summer but I couldn't resist throwing in this image. It makes me excited for those cold, blustery days spent huddled in front of the fire bundled in flannel with a loved one or a good book. You know the image has to be damn great to make me look forward to winter. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Wednesday, July 25

Delightful Design: Sally Wheat Interiors

Its not often you encounter a design who can so effortlessly mix bold contemporary design with age old antiques. Sally Wheat can take a well worn french country trestle table and turn it into a design masterpiece using modern, edgy chairs and a funky, minimalist chandelier. In her own family room she keeps this modern, colorful vibe complete with abstract artwork grounded with the use of old world shuttered doors. 

Tuesday, July 24

Relaxing in Old Lyme

Saturday saw me up bright and early to drive down to Old Lyme, Connecticut for Stephanie's Bridal Shower.  Hosted at Stephanie's Aunt's house by her mother, aunts and her sister-of-honor it was a rousing success. The theme was more a color story of lemon yellow paired with nautical blue (we all are aware of Stepahnie's obsession with all things stripe, yes?) and food was amazing. It was great to catch up with Stephanie, our mutual friends and to meet the amazing women she's met since our college days. I didn't realize how badly I needed to get away for the weekend until I was home on Sunday and was able to report that I had a really great, relaxing time. 

{Image via Yay.Maggie.May}
Yes, that tall blonde weirdo is me. Don't worry I'm not actually wearing a white dress to someone else's bridal shower. It was an ikat pattern. 
Not going to lie, after presents and obligatory photo sessions with the bride's friends and family there was a pool party. There may have been glasses of wine involved too...maybe. 
 Stunning views of the Connecticut River from the house. Please don't mind the parade of orange tractors. Stephanie's aunt's neighbor thought it would be a hoot if he parked all his field gear in our immediate view. So considerate. 
 Of course there was an overabundance of Jack Rogers present. Looking through my old iphone pictures last night I came across a similar shot from last summer. Hmm...
 Those of us who slumber partied it up after the shower were treated to a glamourous bunk room at the top of the house. At one point I may have exclaimed "It's just like camp. I've never been to camp!" My inner 10 year old escaped. 
{Images via Stephanie}
Stephanie snapped this on her route home from Old Lyme with the caption "Inner Goddess Radio." I nearly fell over laughing. 

Friday, July 20

Colorful vs. Neutral Baths

I'm working on several bathrooms for different clients at the moment, both of which have small children. I'm a bit leery of children's baths because it is easy to get carried away with colorful tile and other fixed accents. For example, what happens when your five year old grows out of their favorite shade of hot pink? Additionally, what about Teenagers who develop strong opinions and *HATE* everything? Okay with a future renovation to change these elements, full steam ahead on crazy tile. If the client would like to avoid any further work I steer them to more neutral fixed elements highlighted by fun, colorful, and more importantly, changeable accents.
Here are some lovely neutral inspiration images which would facilitate easy changes such as paint color, cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures. 

{Images via Pinterest and Houzz}

Thursday, July 19

de Gournay: Bespoke Perfection

Tuesday I had the opportunity to check out the family home my brother and sister-in-law recently purchased in the suburbs. I tagged along for most of the house hunting process as a toddler wrangler but funnily enough the house they chose wasn't one I'd previously seen. It's a gorgeous hundred year old house that has been well cared for. Unfortunately, like most older homes, there are some questionable wallpaper choices in a few rooms, such as the dining room. 

While it will probably just receive a new coat of paint in the interim, my sister-in-law has plans to add hand painted wallpaper in the 18th century scenic style. We'd seen a similar motif used in another home and were both in love with the mood it created, reminding us of the old grand Southern Plantations. For the hell of it I googled modern vendors and came across de Gournay. My goodness, the loveliness. I completely understand now why one would pay tooth and nail for custom wallpaper. 
 La Bresil
 Temple Newman
 La Chasse de Compiegne
 Early Views of India
 Early Views of India
 English Landscape
Early Views of Italy

{Images via de Gournay}