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Monday, June 18

Monday Morning Pin-spiration

I'm sorry to see the weekend go.  It always seems that there isn't enough of one while at the same time there was too much of one and we return to work exhausted on Monday. Here's a batch of loveliness to help ease you into another work week. 
 This room. Bright white paneled walls. Those dining chairs. That fabric on the seat cushions! All of it can come and live with me. 
Classic color combination: red, blue, and charcoal. 
 A LBD for the daytime. Mother nature likes to play with my emotions and consistently makes it rain on days I have to run errands all over the city. So here I was, rain soaking through my jacket and seeping into my shoes while sweating bullets with all these layers in summertime humidity when I spy a woman looking tres chic in a black shift dress, flip flops and simple umbrella. I turned green with envy at her effortless look. 
 Loving all the different patterns, texture and shades of neutral in this space. Rustic on rustic on rustic. And those modern cane chairs? Fabulous. 
I'm interested in this white floor. How do you keep it from scuffing and looking haggard? 

{Images via Pinterest}

1 comment:

  1. The floors in the second to last photo are amazing - they look they would do well under any type of wear (or at least not show it).

    There is NO way I could have white floors AND a life. No no no :)