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Friday, June 1

Delightful Design: White Hot Kitchen

This kitchen, designed by Mick de Giulio and featured in House Beautiful is a stunner, no doubt about it. Bright white walls, ceiling, cabinets and marble countertops are anchored in place by a rich, walnut-stained floor as well as the antique and traditional furnishings. I often find it amusing that we've taken the design principles of what would have been basement/ground floor, working kitchens in the grand houses of the Victorian and Edwardian periods  - the long prep islands, crown-like vent hoods, black and white tile - and raised them to the most luxurious of heights; to the room most families spend the majority of their time. But I'll take it, when do I move in? 
Love the cozy seating area off to the left of this image - I couldn't find any shots of this but I'm imagining it's the perfect place to sip coffee in the morning.
 So much delightful workspace. 
The contrast of the dark, antique farmhouse table & chairs with the bright white of this kitchen is killing me. And let's not forget to mention those shelves in the background or how beautifully they're styled. 

{Images by Julien Wass for House Beautiful}

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