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Friday, June 29

Interior Lanterns

Earlier this week I wrote a post about bringing a traditionally interior element, the Curtain, outdoors. Today I'm reversing that idea, bringing an outdoor element inside, with lantern lighting fixtures.  If you're looking for a lighting statement, the hanging lantern will work wonders in a variety of spaces. Perfectly at home in traditional decor, seaside style and funky, bohemian interiors. I've been scouring the internet for inspiration images for an upcoming design project so I thought I'd share the lantern love this morning. 
The work of renowned designer (and sidekick extraordinaire) Thomas Smythe. Love how the lantern is both an element of old world charm but also a more modern statement. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, June 28

Delightful Design: Cape Town Vistas

 Considered a perfect example of a modern contemporary home with its sealed cement floors and open-plan living, the structure originally designed by architect Joop van Ryswyk was quite avante-garde in 1960s Cape Town. I want to go to there. Just look at that covered porch! Not to mention the views of neighboring peaks. I can just feel the breeze while dining alfresco. The industrial feel to the home's interior is a perfect foil to the current owner's eclectic art collection. 

{Images via House and Leisure}

Tuesday, June 26

A Pop of Pink

It's not Valentine's Day. I"m not hosting a baby shower. But just about everything I pinned over the past few days has had bold shocks of pink running throughout. I'm having a girly moment over on Pinterest, embrace it or get over it. It'll probably happen again at some point or another. You can't ignore how much these images with their pops of cheerful pink make you smile. 

Monday, June 25

Bringing the Indoors Out

Curtains aren't just for filtering light and decorating our interiors. They can also play similar roles in our outdoor spaces. A perfect way to add a luxurious element or colorful interest to outdoor rooms. These same curtains are also helpful in keeping these same spaces cool even during the strongest hours of sun.  Better yet, add them to create privacy on a front porch or any porch close to neighbors. Though made of materials meant to be resilient outdoors it is recommended that outdoor curtains be rigged for easy removal during bad weather such as rain or high winds. 

Tuesday, June 19

Get the Look: Boho Glam Dining Nook

You've probably all seen this image from Amanda Peet's LA home a hundred times floating around various blogs and pinterest but even after sharing it here in yesterday's post I couldn't get enough of it. It just kept popping back into my brain. I did a little internet sourcing and came up with a look (not necessarily for less, sorry!) that has a similar feel to this beautiful space. 

Monday, June 18

Monday Morning Pin-spiration

I'm sorry to see the weekend go.  It always seems that there isn't enough of one while at the same time there was too much of one and we return to work exhausted on Monday. Here's a batch of loveliness to help ease you into another work week. 
 This room. Bright white paneled walls. Those dining chairs. That fabric on the seat cushions! All of it can come and live with me. 
Classic color combination: red, blue, and charcoal. 
 A LBD for the daytime. Mother nature likes to play with my emotions and consistently makes it rain on days I have to run errands all over the city. So here I was, rain soaking through my jacket and seeping into my shoes while sweating bullets with all these layers in summertime humidity when I spy a woman looking tres chic in a black shift dress, flip flops and simple umbrella. I turned green with envy at her effortless look. 
 Loving all the different patterns, texture and shades of neutral in this space. Rustic on rustic on rustic. And those modern cane chairs? Fabulous. 
I'm interested in this white floor. How do you keep it from scuffing and looking haggard? 

{Images via Pinterest}

Friday, June 15

Beach Weekend

If you're anything like me, you jump up as soon as the clock hits 5pm on Friday afternoon and are out the door running towards the beach. I cannot stand being in the city during summer weekends knowing that I could be relaxing by the water instead.

 Back before I started my own business and still worked a nine-to-fiver I would head directly from work for the buses leaving for the Cape. This means I would drag my weekend duffle with me to work in the morning. And, confession time, I used to be a serial over-packer. After a few weeks of torturous treks to work I learned the art of weekend packing. 

Beach Weekend
Above gives you an illustration of what I typically pack for weekend beach trips. It boils down to two daytime outfits (I always pack an extra Tee or Tank just in case, you never know when your niece will come after you with some form of juice), a bathing suit and cover-up, a fancy dress, and jacket and lightweight scarf for cooler evenings. I bring one pair or flips flops and one dressy sandal, my wallet doubles as a clutch and I keep my jewelry choices simple. It may still seam like a lot but I assure you it all fits comfortably in my medium weekender bag with enough room for my toiletries and my big-ass camera.

I also recommend investing in a Kindle. Books are ridiculously heavy by comparison. 

Wednesday, June 13

Mini Margaritas

The other night I was at a cocktail party and these teeny-tiny sips of a margarita were served right out of a miniature Patron bottle. Nestled alongside, on lime-wedge stands, were bite size shrimp tacos. I may have had more than one of each, especially the margarita!
At the time I was a little miffed that I wasn't able to take a photo of this innovative hor' dourves  to share on Halcyon Style {I was at a country club and had therefore left my phone at home per rules and regulations.} Then a friend mentioned she had seen an image of these little margarita shooters on Pinterest. Thank heavens for Pinterest. What did we ever do without it?   

{Images via Pinterest

Tuesday, June 12

Lonny Loveliness

The latest Lonny Magazine hit our inboxes on Sunday and it was it's usual source of style and loveliness. Most of my favorite designs this month were those from vacation homes. I love that relaxed feeling that comes across in images containing natural linens, cedar shingles, raw elements and curtains billowing in the breeze. 
 Can't you imagine yourself curled up reading on this porch during ubiquitous summer rainstorms?
  How about opening up a bottle of wine with friends after a day spent sunbathing and playing croquet on the lawn?

I'm loving the mix of natural fibers happening in these two rooms. These seagrass chairs can definitely stand up to the abuse of the sea, sun and sand of a beach or lake house. 

{Images via Lonny Magazine}

Monday, June 11

Showered with Love

Stephanie here! This past weekend I traveled down to my future in-law's home to throw a bridal shower for a soon-to-be family member. I had been planning this soirée for months and was so excited to finally see the finished look. The theme was a garden party of sorts with soft colors, lots of flowers and foods you would find at a tea party. I was really pleased with the look overall. Besides the great time spent with family and friends, the best part was that almost all of the items I bought at IKEA or Target! I included a few photos for you all to gaze at and hopefully inspire you to throw a shower or garden party of your own!

**I apologize for how out of focus some of the photos are. It was difficult to host a party and take pictures at the same time!**
My future mother-in-law has a back garden full of yard art. She has some amazing and fantastic things such as pigs with wings, happy snails and a sculpture made out of wine bottles! It was the perfect setting for the party.
This was the head table for the bride and mothers
I made many, many tissue paper poofs. They were an inexpensive, yet beautiful decoration. There are many how-to's on the interwebs. I used this one
Here is one of the place settings. I bought the napkins, paper plates and vases at IKEA! The floral pencils and name tags I bought at Michael's Arts and Crafts. 
It was a beautiful day, but a HOT day. For beverages we had water, lemonade and Hop Skips (which ehm, had a little something extra and ehm, that's not the full name of the drink).  We also bought some candy and put it in mason jars around the beverages. 
Instead of using cups, we used mason jars and old-fashioned paper straws. To add a little extra pizazz I cut strips of fabric to tie around each jar! 
The bride loves pumpkin everything. Since it is June (and not October), I decided that a good way to incorporate her love of pumpkin would be to make pumpkin cupcakes for dessert...
...and for those who weren't too keen on pumpkin, I also made strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. 
   We had such a great time! This is a picture of the two hostesses, my future mother-in-law and I. This photo was taken BEFORE the guests arrived. We looked much more disheveled after the party had finished!