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Monday, May 7

Taking the Stairs

Yesterday I was stuck in an elevator. 
By myself. 

Thankfully only for fifteen minutes. But it gave me plenty of time to reflect upon that antiquated technology, the staircase. Besides the obvious health benefits of taking the stairs, no one has even been walking up a flight of stairs only to have the staircase shudder and power-down. And, you know, many are quite gorgeous architectural features especially those in historical buildings. 
But staircases also provide architectural interest in our own homes and allow us to create beautifully styled and sometimes functional vignettes surrounding them. 

On a side note, isn't building management supposed to be apologetic to those who have been trapped in elevators? When I broached the subject of finally being allowed a key to the stairwell doors I was shot down very rudely with "no, the building just needs a new elevator." So, are you suggesting that I no longer come to work until this blessed event occurs? Just give me a damn key!

{Images via Pinterest}

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