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Monday, May 14

The Marvelous Mason Jar

In the past few years the Mason Jar has stepped out of its historic canning and preserving shadow and become a favorite of florists, homemakers and avid DIYers, just to name a few. Type in "Mason Jar" in a Pinterest search and you'll be astounded how many creative and clever ways people have transformed this simple and inexpensive jar: drinkware, vases for both day to day and special occasion centerpieces, even light fixtures, and etc.
 These are perfect summer centerpieces, special occasion or not. I can see them working with any white flower though I'd probably use white hydrangea in mine. 
I'm seriously considering donating my current juice and water glasses and replacing them with mason jars...
Love the stands of white fairy lights illuminating these hanging jars!
I've personally found the preserve size jars incredible helpful in making & storing my own salad dressings (their ninety-nine cent price tag doesn't break the bank either). Just pour in your ingredients, tighten the lid and shake. 

For more creative ways to use mason jars in your daily life, check out this website

{Images via Pinterest}

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