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Friday, May 18

Hidden City Gardens

Four years ago my mother and I started a new Mother's Day tradition, going on the annual Beacon Hill Garden Tour. One day a year the public can tour some of Beacon Hill's most beautiful hidden gardens usually visible only to homeowners or their nearest neighbors. I was able to take a few photos from yesterday's tour, keep in mind that these small spaces are often very crowded and for the most part shade gardens so you'll see more verdant greens than colorful florals and more detailed shots than entire captures.
 These lucky ducks not only have a garden but they also have an off-street parking spot. Fair warning, while these spaces are beautiful they can also cause bouts of jealousy!
 Water features are essential to city gardens to create a peaceful retreat and soothe the sounds of the daily hustle-bustle.  
Couldn't help snapping a picture of this happy little guy; I've never seen a weather vane in the shape of a peacock before.
 This sculptural wood carving's previous life was serving as a lid to the family's sandbox. So far removed from the plastic sandboxes of my youth. 
 Unexpected garden ornaments abound, much like these little chickadees.
 Hydrangeas happen to be tied with peonies as my favorite flowers but never in my life have I seen a white, green and pink variegation. There are no words for the perfection.
 Chic teak lanterns tucked in among a trellis rose. These must look fabulous when lighted for an outdoor dinner party. 
 Cheerful lupin. Anyone else thinking of the illustrated child's book Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney?
 You can't forget to look up when touring these hidden gems or you'll miss some delightful architecture. For instance, take this solarium on the third floor of an adjoining building. I certainly wouldn't object if this was attached to my apartment. 

{Images Property of Allison Whittemore / Halcyon Style}

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