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Wednesday, May 16

Botanical Illustrations & Prints

Perhaps it's the rain or the beginning of blooms appearing in gardens nationwide but I've recently begun pinning nature inspired design in earnest. Going through my boards for some inspiration last night I discovered an abundance of botanical illustrations used in place of more traditional pieces of art. 
My goodness but they're lovely. Not only would they brighten up our living spaces in the midst of winter but these floral masterpieces also won't wither and die {those who follow my blog have read many times about my blackest of black thumbs in regards to houseplants}. 

They don't always have to be a formal framed affair, I love these vintage lecture charts that Lauren of Pure Style Home used in her family room. 
A little too much green in this room for my taste but I'm in love with the wall of vintage illustrations. 
You could even make your own botanical prints with the help of a color copier and some luscious green foliage. Throw me back to the Victoria era if you don't agree but I think ferns are gorgeous. 


{Images via Pinterest}

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