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Friday, April 20

Notepad vs. iPad

Every since I came across this image I've been thinking about going digital, in my note taking that is. I'm a mega lister, I create multiple lists daily for work, errands, Halcyon Style, etc. And up until now I've always written out these lists by hand; there's something cathartic about handwriting these things. 

However, using the Penultimate App and a stylus I can still write out my lists by hand but have the ability to erase, use multiple colors, and share digitally. Not to mention that I can also take notes in the same program and save both notes and lists relevant to the same project in the same "notebook." Which would slim down my carryall dramatically.

Sounds good right? There are two problems. First, I don't own an iPad. Further more I can't make up my mind about whether to shell out for one or not. And secondly, I have a major obsession with stationery. Maybe I'll wait for my birthday to roll around...

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