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Tuesday, April 24

Lulu DK | Child

Last week I ran into the Schumacher showroom for some fabric memos and was stopped in my tracks by the display of the new line of children's fabric collaboration between Lulu DK and Schumacher. I was able to keep it together but inwardly I was squealing in delight! Lulu DK| Child combines bold, colorful and whimsical prints and embroideries for a perfect blend of playfulness and sophistication. 
Parade in Blueberry/Ocean | Love in Blueberry
Star in Blueberry | Jelly Bean in Ocean/Turquoise  
Love in Pink Lemonade | Jungle Jubilee in Punch
Star in Sunshine | Jelly Bean in Pink Lemonade

Check out the full line at Schumacher's website

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